Ever wish you had somone to Talk to about how to dress like yourself?

&> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ <&

Ever NEED TO talk TO SOMONE about HOW TO engage in intimacy as yourself?


Figuring out presentation outside the gender binary can be a strange kind of tight rope walk. Darb Garb is here to walk beside you and help you find your balance, centering yourself and affirming your needs.

If you feel like a bird stuck in your egg.
If you feel like a butterfly that was never supposed to leave the pupa.
If you have trouble seeing yourself in the mirror.
If you want to throw out all your clothes and start from scratch.
If you need to find the perfect outfit for a special occasion.
If you just want to feel happy, safe, and maybe even seen walking down the street.
If you are looking for tools and strategies for non-surgical genital/body transformation.
If you want to talk though the perfect design / symbolism for your prosthetic parts.
If you need a safe place to dream about your authentic pleasure and talk about what you need in intimacy.

These are things a gender doula can assist you with.

Tell us about what you hope to get out of a consultation.


Consultations are held by phone, video chat, or in person with Eppchez. Ey approaches this work with openness and will meet you on your terms where you are. Eppchez sees the role of the doula similar to a chaplain, or life coach as one of walking with you through a perhaps overwhelming experience. The doula facilitates a birthing process. The gender doula facilitates a re-birthing or self birthing process. Eppchez posses a wealth of knowledge about clothing designs and shapes, how to build confidence, wholistic and herbal methods for shapeshifting, astrological insight, mediations, strategies for accessing pleasure and more. Sessions are completely confidential

Our pricing structure is by love offering, this means you decide how much to donate for service provided. What is this service worth to you? $50,000? $250? $40? Our recommendation is to think about how much you make in a vigorous working hour and compensate your gender doula accordingly. You may also choose to apply for financial assistance through Project Out!