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Care and Cleaning


Making Parts

Finding Forms cutting foam

Whether your part is an abstract squiggle or a nameable form, I'll cut the shape from a scrap of discarded memory foam. I have over a decade of experience making puppets and masks often from foam and fabric. 

Parts are quite durable. I will often use the same part 3 days in a row. That said, if you pack everyday you may want to invest in more than one so you can let them air out.

cleaning is very simple. when I notice that my Part is getting a little funky. I spray it lightly with some vodka. this old costume shop trick will keep things from getting too ripe.


Fabric and fastening

I collect scraps of soft, vibrant fabric from costume shops and fabric stores to incorporate into these Packers. Because I source my materials this way the fabrics I use are constantly changing, but I can usually find just the scrap for the job. When I can't find the perfect fabric to suite your design idea I will hand paint specific elements, such as the feathers pictured here.