Bring Darb Garb to your conference, shop, event or livingroom!

More than just a pop-up shop, Darb Garb brings a fun and cathartic respite for all kinds of trans people to dream and problem solve together about authentic presentation, good sex and self-determination.


WOrkshops and Talks:

abstracting genitalia: sensuality and non-binary imagination

A presentation and conversation about divorcing sex from social constucts of gender and old ideas about how our bodies make pleasure. See presentation slides

Exploring the role of the gender doula

This talk looks at what kinds of support that is desired and can be beneficial for individuals in the ongoing process of self-determination.

Packer making Party!!!

Anyone can make a packer or other affirming art object.

tapping into natural shapeshifting capabilities

Learn about practical techniques used throughout human history by gender rebels from all around the world.