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At Darb Garb we don’t like to make assumptions. Our models and ways of doing things are constantly developing and adapting to address the needs of our community, workers and planet. Your questions and feedback are vital to help us fill in the gaps and create systems that work well for everyone.

Cleaning and care

 Darb parts arts are quite durable. I will often use the same part 3 days in a row. That said, if you pack everyday you may want to invest in more than one so you can let them air out.

Cleaning is very simple. When I notice that my part is getting a little funky, I spray it lightly with some cheap vodka. This old costume shop trick will keep things from getting too ripe. Darb Garb doesn’t recommend running Parts through the washing machine but if they end up in the laundry they should fair just fine. Air dry only!!

Alternative Business Models

We acknowledge that capitalism is a flawed economic system that tends to be particularly ineffective for people who are not interested in assimilating to cis-het, White culture. Darb Garb is committed to visioning and trying out alternative economic models and business practices which are more equitable and center the humanity of workers and queer community. Currently we are a one-darb-shop (Eppchez! does everything around here), but as Darb Garb grows we will develop models of operation and governance that combine co-operative ownership, consensus decision making, community engagement and accessible pricing to ensure that the design house we build keeps the well-being of our queer community at the center of our work.


We will only used recycled, scrap, or natural, biodegradable materials. Darb Garb Is all about envisioning a flourishing future. this means we take sustainability seriously.





Fabric: Scraps from independent makers and fabric made with ECONYL recycled nylon